Business Intelligence & Technology (BIT) Group

Mission Statement

1/1/2017 - The Aspen Parks & Recreation (APR) Department's Business Intelligence and Technology (BIT) Group exists to explore, define, redefine, research, propose, grow, and therein empower the department's management, Aspen citizens, and our visitors from beyond, with the best in class Physical Wellbeing products, and the technologies used to obtain them.

Strategic Objectives

The APR BIT Group has these current and fundamental Strategic Objectives:

  • To test, model, analyze and continuously inform APR's Four Operating Divisions (Parks, Rec, Golf & Special Events) regarding the development, duration, completion and delivery stages of their various campaigns, projects, products, services, programs, events and or promotions (the APR services); and

  • To standardize and, where necessary, formalize communication and reporting types, content and frequencies across said APR services, while ensuring all BIT members are always fully knowledgeable about them.

  • To source, implement and fully manage for said Divisions the most appropriate and user-friendly technologies to be maintained for their patron access to, purchase of, and/or transaction with said APR services; and

  • To investigate the postulation that APR's local patron is best accommodated and served when APR services are considered as a part of a valley-wide affiliation of similar providers; and

  • To investigate the postulation that APR's visitor patron is best accommodated and served when APR services are offered in advance of their arrival, as a packaged component within the travel product (ski, summer, etc) in which he/she is travelling here to participate; and

  • To facilitate technological systems for use by Marketing in attracting APR's visitor patron via awareness about, and interaction with, APR services upon arrival in Aspen, when pre-inclusion within a travel product has not occurred; and

  • To investigate the postulation that APR's services are best represented within the discussion of the Wellbeing of the Whole Human, promoting and advancing the Mental, Social, Spiritual, Career, Financial and Community Wellbeing elements thereof, beyond just that of Physical Wellbeing - which has traditionally heretofore been known as Recreation.
Expansion of Inclusiveness

The City of Aspen historically focuses on providing recreation amenities, facilities and rec programming for those that live in the incorporated city and pay taxes, along with those out of town visitors that come to visit our local environs. But to truly affect this community we refer to as "local", one must expand beyond the incorporated boundaries to include the lives of those that work here but live elsewhere. While clearly the economic engine of the valley thrives here in the City, it is the perspective of the BITGroup that it takes peoples from the whole Roaring Fork Valley community to make that happen. To have measurable impact on the vitality of this community through recreation then, we must broaden our reach and further our inclusiveness. To do so requires the cooperative efforts of the valley's recreation service providers and centers. It is our intent to explore rallying those entities as potential partners with which to share in this vision and cause, and investigate the related benefits from doing so.

Expansion of Consciousness

Recreation historically affects One's physical wellbeing. In this regard, we serve our current patrons well. It is our intent to explore the other components of wellbeing beyond recreation, which come together with recreation to benefit the Whole Human, including Physical Wellbeing (heretofore "recreation"), and including Mental, Social, Spiritual, Career, Financial and Community Wellbeing. We intend to explore calendar mapping, documenting, affiliation options and, only where necessary, exploring our assistance in the creation of these additional wellbeing programs, adding them to recreation and beyond, in the process of facilitating our patron access to them.

Expansion of Effectiveness

Unique opportunities exist where Unique people exist. Witness the Roaring Fork Transit Authority, governing transportation throughout the valley. Our mission is to explore the potential of co-facilitating the creation and development of the Roaring Fork Valley Wellbeing Authority (RFVWA) or similar, a valley-wide recreation district made up of the valley-wide providers of all facets of Wellbeing for the Whole Human. This will take a collaboration of governments, non-profits and private industry, along with considerable exploration amongst these players. Several efficiencies will present themselves in the process. Most notably, a significant economy of scale occurs around shared systems for integrating activity and event calendaring, web and electronic distribution, product pass interchangeability, and even scheduling and point of sale functionality. We intend to explore, develop and present these systems as options as a foundational underpinning for the proposed RFVWA (or similar).